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Syed Bhais Meters Ltd

Energy Meters

Electromechanical Meters
  • F-72P - Single Phase
    •     » With Box
    •     » Without Box

  • D -58P –Polyphase
Electronic Meters
  • EM1 - Static Single Phase Meter
  • EM3 - Static Polyphase Meter
  • EMV – CT/VT with Load Profiling
Pre Payment Meters

Meters with a system of prepaid billing to restrain bill defaulters maintain cash flow for electricity bills and avoid overbilling

AMR Meter Readings


Personalized Meter Software Development

Developing personalized solutions for commercial, industrial and residential consumers for data management and load profile monitoring

Meter Data Analytics

Personalized billing solutions as per client infrastructure

Software and Online Services
  • Virtual Education

    Online Education classes, study guides and applications to help students learn effectively and efficiently

  • Phone and Tablet Applications

    Taking advantage of 3G and 4G services, applications meeting demands of new tech consumers in health, education, banking, business and entertainment.

Transmission and Distribution

» Relay & Control Panels Testing Services.