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28 Dec

Water Project CDWA with Government of Punjab

CDWA (Clean Drinking Water for All) is a project started in 2009 by the Government of Punjab to provide safe drinking water in all union councils of Punjab. A federally funded project, Syed Bhais is one of the few companies chosen to carry out this project throughout Punjab.

Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Plants are being installed in this project to provide clean water in all left over Tensils/Towns in Punjab. The project is worth Rs. 12 billion.

15 Dec

Introduction of Smart Meters and Data Monitoring

Syed Bhais has taken the initiative to develop Smart and Pre-Payment Metering in Pakistan for the first time. These products are a part of Syed Bhais initiative to focus on Energy Monitoring and Reporting for Commercial and Industrial Customers.

In light of the inefficient utility system and load shedding, Monitoring and Reporting can significantly reduce energy bills for all kinds of consumers.

This will be done through a wide product range of Smart Meters, Monitoring Data Software and Remote Communication between the two. We provide personalized solutions for every customer to meet their personalized monitoring and saving needs.