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Group Management


Mr. Zamir Ahmad Khan is a graduate of FC College, Lahore Mr. Zamir Ahmad Khan has over 50 years experience in managing of large industrial establishment. He is credited for starting this business group in 1951.

Director Finance

Mr. Mansoor Ahmad Khan holds a degree in business administration from Syracuse University USA. Mr. Mansoor Ahmad Khan has been at the helm of the financial affairs of the company for the past 25 years. It is to his credit that a number of large projects leading to development of high quality products and services were undertaken and successfully completed.


Mr. Masroor Ahmad Khan has a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, USA and a Bachelors Electrical Engineering degree from Syracuse University USA. Mr Masroor Ahmad Khan has brought Syed Bhais to the forefront of local meter manufacturing industry. Under his able and diligent guidance our R&D Division has achieved the distinction of indigenously designing and developing Pakistan’s first ever electronic meter. He is also responsible for overlooking all of Syed Bhais businesses. He is a senior member of Electrical & Electronic Engineers, USA.

Manager Technical

Mr. Wazir Ali Khan holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Purdue University, USA. He is responsible for further development and research of our engineering products and services. This is a dynamic job which involves incorporating new technologies and keeping at pace with worldwide technology.

Manager Banking and Administration

Mr. Hamza Mansoor Khan has a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Lahore School of Economics, Pakistan. He is responsible for overlooking administration and finance of all individual businesses. He has taken a leading role and made many positive changes to the organization.

Manager Sales & Business Development

Mr. Moiz Ahmad Khan holds a degree in Economics and International Affairs from the George Washington University, USA. His role includes business development and correspondence with business partners, developing new ideas and customer relations in the metering division. His role also includes domestic and international sales and innovation of products.

Manager CDWA

Mr. Naveed Javaid has been a part of the business group since 2000. He has prior experience in Honda City Sales, Toyota and Nissan. Since in Syed Bhais, he has managed the Syed Bhais Lighting factory in Sheikhupura and is now the Manager of the Clean Drinking Water Project with the Punjab Government.

Manager Admin

Mr. Tariq Javed has almost 20 years of experience in Syed Bhais. He is one of the oldest employees and has been given many different roles in management. He is in charge of managing employees and labour relations.

Group General Manager Finance

Mr Faheem Majid, GM Finance is one of Syed Bhais oldest and dedicated employees. He has worked to develop and manage Syed Bhais’ financial acquisitions. A dedicated team supports him. He ensures compliance to laws, accounting practices, relationships with financiers etc.

Manager Sales

Mr. Ghulam Mustafa has been with Syed Bhais since 1994.He started in the Sales Account Division of Syed Bhais. He holds a Bachelors in Marketing from PSBA and is a Diploma holder from Punjab University in computer applications.